Mosquito Skin care

Ahhh, that sweet smell of summer! It’s packed with the warmth of the beach, fresh fruit in the sweltering sun, and BUGS! That’s right, there’s no joy with a little Mosquito Skin Carepain, particularly in the form of mosquitoes. We know it’s natural to want to bare your skin to combat the heat and show off your summer body, but that often comes with the cost of reindeer red bite marks and they tend to clash with all your outfits. So how do you deal and protect your skin? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out our tips to defend against those pest little buggers.

Preventative Measures:

Be Mindful of the Scents You Wear

Mosquitoes are sniffers. Their attack methods are highly dependent on the scents they can decipher and detect. Particularly, they are drawn to chemicals that contain ammonia, lactic acid, carboxylic acid, octenol and carbon dioxide. Avoid wearing perfumes, sprays, or creams that contain any of the above-named ingredients.

Sweat Less, Cool More

Mosquitoes are most persuaded by carbon dioxide and the more you emit, the more attracted to you they become. This is why the more you sweat, the greater the attraction of mosquitoes towards you. Try to limit your physical activity around areas with mosquitoes. Experts suggest it is the high levels of physical activity that correlates with children being bitten more frequently by mosquitoes than adults.

Drain or Dispose of Excess water

Areas that have high levels of standing water are highly susceptible to mosquitoes. Be sure to drain any and all source of standing water around your home or in an environment that you intend to stick around for a little while.

Reactive Measures

Because mosquito repellent is highly chemical, we recommend using natural remedies to ease bites and itching.


We’ve talked about the benefits of honey in previous posts and by now you should be familiar with its benefits because there is no exception here. Put a small drop on mosquito bites for immediate relief. Honey has both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for your skin.


A soothing basil rub might be just the remedy you need. Try boiling two cups of water and add half an ounce of dried basil leaves. Allow the mixture to cool and using a soft washcloth dipped in the mixture, gently rub your skin. The basil contains chemicals that relieve itching.

Rao Dermatology suggests that you try these tips to keep your skin mosquito-free. And if you insist on using a repellent aim for an all-natural fix.