Dr. Jaggi Rao, our Dermatologist and Medical Director, has pioneered an innovative and convenient way for Referring Doctors and Nurse Practitioners to send images and medical information in a secure and confidential manner, to be assessed by himself and other Board Certified Dermatologists.

ConsultDERM™ is a web-based telehealth platform designed to provide effective and efficient diagnostic and management assistance to patients who are either:

  1. too distant, or
  2. too sick to practically visit a dermatologist.

ConsultDERMConsultDERM™ Teledermatology has been operational since 2008, providing remote dermatology assistance to thousands of patients initially across Alberta, and now to those in British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, Prince Edward Island, and even Africa (through Dr. Rao’s E-Volunteering Project)! ConsultDERM™ is even being used by a number of Emergency Departments, providing rapid dermatological assessment in record time.

ConsultDERM™ Teledermatology has been approved by the Privacy Commissioner of Alberta, and is currently being used by hundreds of doctors on a daily basis.

Extensive and ongoing research projects continue to validate its clinical, educational and practical utility.

There is no fee to use ConsultDERM™, but you must be a licenced Physician or Nurse Pracitioner in the specific version/jurisdiction you wish to use. If you are a first-time user, please register on the website to qualify for authentication. Once validated, you may use the service anytime.

Dr. Rao has created several portals or versions of ConsultDERM™.

To open another Window in your Web Browser, please click on the appropriate ConsultDERM™ version below: