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You have been been scheduled for a dermatology appointment to see Dr. Jaggi Rao, Board Certified Dermatologist at the Alberta DermaSurgery Centre. We look forward to seeing you soon and treating you to the best of our ability. Click here to learn more about the skin specialist you are going to visit. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact our office at least 48 hours prior appointment. You can email us at


We strive to provide the best patient care possible.  We have established an email for patients to contact us anytime with concerns post procedure or treatment.   This email will be checked regularly, allowing us to be on call for you 24/7.


As we grow, we want to ensure that our clients continue to have the best experience possible.  To ensure that we continue to communicate with our patients, we now have provided an email address for you to send us any comments about how we can improve your patient experience.  We welcome any feedback about your visit.


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Welcome to Rao Dermatology!

To better serve you, here are a few things you should know before your initial visit:

Where will my appointment be?

Dr. Rao’s Dermatology Office is at the Alberta DermaSurgery Centre.

How do I get to my appointment?

The Alberta DermaSurgery Centre is readily accessible by car, taxi, bus, and LRT. If you live close by, walking and biking are also great options. Please see the map at the bottom of the page for the exact location.

When should I show up and how long will appointment last?

Please show up about 10 minutes BEFORE your scheduled appointment. If you are not sure when your appointment is, please feel free to contact the Alberta DermaSurgery Centre to verify this: 780-437-7189.

​Dr. Rao and his staff are always trying to stay on time, but some patients require more time than others, creating unpredictability as to when you will be seen. The time required to diagnose, discuss and manage your problem is also unpredictable. Based on our experience however, an initial consultation (from entering the door to exiting) should be well under 30 minutes in total. Future follow-up visits and procedures may be shorter or longer, depending on the condition you have, anatomic site, and complexity of any treatment performed.

What should I bring to my appointment?

You will be required to register as a patient of Dr. Rao, when you arrive for your appointment. To to this, you will require Photo Identification, your Alberta Healthcare Number, and full contact information. To assist Dr. Rao in better helping your dermatological problem, please bring a complete list of your current medications (or better yet, the medications themselves), and an accurate history of 1) when the problem began, 2) how it has been treated, and 3) other health issues, including allergies.

If possible, digital images of the problem at its worst would be helpful. Some products and procedures are not covered by Alberta Health & Wellness, but could be reimbursable through medical insurance; please bring a form of electronic payment (eg. credit card or debit card) in the event that you wish to purchase these items or services. The visit itself is covered by Alberta Health & Wellness, and Dr. Rao does not charge a consultation fee for cosmetic issues.

Dr. Rao is a very kind, compassionate and patient person, but he is also an extremely popular and busy specialist. Out of respect for all of his patients, and to ensure that everyone is adequately seen and their concerns managed, Dr. Rao will give you as much face-to-face time that you need, but this can go by quicker than you wish.

To maximize your time with him, and to ensure that all of your questions have been addressed, please consider writing these down prior to your visit. You should also write down Dr. Rao’s thoughts and suggestions during your consultation. If you run out of time, or have more questions, another appointment can be arranged.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

Please keep in mind that Dr. Rao will have to directly visualize the anatomic areas of your concern. To facilitate this, you may have to undress to reveal the exact sites of involvement. Please wear clothing that is amenable to efficient physical examination and possible treatment. If your face is involved, please be prepared to remove makeup, powder or other agents which may impair Dr. Rao’s ability to properly assess your skin. You may wish to bring these products with you, for re-application after your dermatology visit.

Dr. Rao and his Team look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr. Rao was exceptional in applying my filler. My face regained a lot of volume instantly. His consultant was very helpful with the different products they have to offer. Dr. Rao never sells you any product or service that is not necessary or not suitable for your condition. He is very honest and his team follows this principle consistently.

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