Intense Pulse Light Treatment

There are so many factors that play a significant role in the look, feel, and overall wellbeing of your skin. Anything from using the wrong product for your skin type to overexposure to the sun can Pulse Light Treatmentresult in skin disposition. One of the most challenging of these is damage that affects your skin’s pigmentation. Dermatologists can attest to the difficulty that persists when clients are battling pigmentation issues. One of the most reliable treatments for tackling same is Intense Pulse light treatment. Both women and men have consistently turned to IPL treatment rather than exhausting their resources on less effective methods. So, what is IPL and is it for you?

What is Intense Pulse Light Treatment?

Intense Pulse Light treatment is a photorejuvination treatment that focuses primarily on irregular pigmentation, sun damage, and discolouration or brown spots on the surface of the skin or face. Using rapid flashes of light, it goes beyond the surface of the skin and breaks down the irregular pigment into tiny particles, which rise to the skin’s surface, or is disposed of courtesy of the lymphatic system. IPL uses a series of wavelength of light and as a result, does not disrupt your skin in any negative way. Common to the procedure however, is the redness of the skin. Additionally, the treatment requires no downtime so, you can schedule treatments without detrimental scheduling conflicts.

Is IPL for you?

Intense Pulse Light treatment is ideal for any individual who recognizes unusual pigmentation or brown spots on the face and neck. If you do not want to commit to much more time-consuming and intensive procedures, IPL is for you. Some patients see results from the first treatment alone. However, dermatologists recommend three to five sessions for optimal results.

Before you engage in treatment, be sure to check with your doctor to ensure the treatment is conducive to your overall health and any pre-existing medical conditions.

Try something that works, is efficient, and effective. If you think IPL is for you, call our office today and book your consultation to get things started.