Here is what our clients have to say about us:

Love the changes and improvements in your clinic and staff. The professionalism and friendliness is fantastic. As always, Dr. Rao’s knowledge and talent exceeded my expectations.
– C. Stene

Wanted to address and resolve the issue I came for, but was open to needed treatment for another identified issue as well (and it worked!!) helpful and thank you! A very pleasant team!
– J. Schwartz

Staff is exceptionally helpful encouraging and friendly. Dr. Rao is a great GREAT honourable Doctor. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to receive excellent treatment from him.
– V. Naidoo

Sincere Doctor!
– J. Nguyen

My visits have been what I had expected. Barb is wonderful and I enjoy coming here.
– S. Prasad

Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality during my two visits to your clinic. I was very grateful to be at a place with such grace and professionalism.
– S. Parameswaran

Comfortable atmosphere, pleasant staff, and good printed educational material available.
– M. King

– C. Stark

It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to be in the company and care of Dr. Rao.
– M. Spratt

Friendly and professional staff. Detailed information available about procedures.
– P. Stewart

Dr. Rao is always considerate and professional. Willing to take the time to discuss all the possibilities to cure my problem and makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable.
– D. McCormick

Awesome front desk staff, excellent for working around my schedule to make an appointment that works the best for me.
– S. Batz

The care and service at this clinic has been outstanding. Dr. Rao has changed my life after battling with skin problems for years!! He has a wonderful, caring manner and I would highly recommend him to anyone with any skin problems.
– M. Kemp

Dr. Rao is professional and courteous. He is dedicated to his patient’s needs.
– D. Boutin

This clinic is a nice, relaxing environment which is nice when you do not know what is going on with your skin and are a little stressed.
– V. Waldner

Very pleased with the office and staff!! Dr. Rao is amazing.
– C. Kantos

Always a warm and welcoming atmosphere, excellent yet sensitive service.
– P. Carainel

I would never trust anyone else to treat my skin issues, or have doubts on Dr. Rao’s skills.
– C. Pon

Very helpful experience, it was alot better than most places I have been to for treatment.
– B. Prenergast

Doctor is superb at explaining the skin problems I have. Front desk staff is super friendly.
– C. Poon

I appreciate Dr. Rao’s bed-side manner. He is gentle and kind and he listens! Many other doctors have one foot out of the door when they see me and they do not give me much time to discuss my concerns.
– M. Swabb

I am very happy that I found Dr. Rao for my acne problems.
– V. Kumar

Very informative consultation regarding nail and vein issues. Reception team is very helpful.
– B. Chanley

My experience with Dr. Rao and his staff has led me to have very high expectations. Even though they are quite often very busy, they are always pleasant and professional.
– J. Plumb

I found the information from Sanja very helpful and she was very knowledgable.
– L. Goss

My treatment is showing results quickly and relaxes me more than I expected.
– S. Agrabio

The patient-care service has been fantastic!
– A. Amyn

I had received prescription of their fall through Dr. Rao with minocidil (topical). It is way better now. Actually, I am not able to notice thinning anymore.
– N. Khan

The treatment are slowly working so I am enjoying the visits for more progress.
– A. Seeras

Best in the field; highly recommended.
– R. Pon

Dr. Rao has been amazing during my treatments on my leg veins with many follow-ups I felt well taken care of.
– N. Burden

Reception is always friendly. Atmosphere in the reception/waiting are has changed since I was last here; more information available and seems warmer. First time with Dr. Rao. Very happy with his help and evaluation. Also Sanja was very friendly and helpful with determining my cleansing routine.
– K. Grandinetti

Dr. Rao was exceptional in applying my filler. My face regained a lot of volume instantly. His consultant was very helpful with the different products they have to offer. Dr. Rao never sells you any product or service that is not necessary or not suitable for your condition. He is very honest and his team follows this principle consistently.