The Feminism of Dermatology

Distant are the days men sneak through the cracks of salon and spa establishments to confront their desires for professional self care. Men Skin Care for menhave become more open and honest about booking appointments to improve and nurture their outward appearance, and rightfully so. We at Rao Dermatology have recognized this exponential growth and have welcomed it affirmatively.

Our specialized treatments combat the concerns men have with droopy eyelids, excessive body hair, and the distribution of body fat (to name a few).  We offer minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatments, which have become notorious for subtle changes in the texture and radiance of the skin.

At Rao Dermatology we encourage our clients to confront their best selves. For men, that means (in part) coming to terms with the fact that the expectation women are frequently subjected to regarding outward appearance is now a bilateral one. This change is one we believe men should be excited about. Self-care is a nondiscriminatory holistic experience that should be ritualistically embraced. This is why we encourage our clients to try each of our treatments—to expose their skin to the highest caliber of dermatology that will transform both the inner and outer self.

So put the embarrassment and hiding away. Allow conversations to sound less like, “guys don’t do facials” and more like, “I‘ll catch you later for drinks after my skin rejuvenation treatment”.  Once the conversations begin to shift, so will the classification of what is normal and abnormal for men. We love that our services are inclusive so there is no need for the surreptitious phone calls or dark rooms. We promise it is more common than you think. When you book your next appointment, don’t be surprised if your best bud from work is in our waiting lounge preparing to have his pores cleansed while he fights you for the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated.