Sun Spot Treatment & Removal

A Radiant, Even Complexion Is Within Your Reach

Entering middle age brings with it a number of benefits, one of which is a clearer complexion. But as outbreaks of acne become a distant memory for most of us, other issues arise that may affect our self-confidence.

Sun spots, age spots, liver spots, granny warts – whatever name you use, these brown pigmented spots, are multiple, flat, discolored areas that appear on the skin and are caused by uneven distribution of melanin (skin pigment) as we age.

What Causes Sun Spots

As the name suggests, sun spots typically appear on sun-exposed areas of the skin, like the face, neck, hands, arms, and shoulders. Except for wrinkles, sun spots are one of the most telltale signs of a person’s age.

The melanin pigment in our skin absorbs sunlight and helps to protect our skin from UV rays. However, as we age, our skin’s natural ability to fend off UV rays slowly declines, and we see the development of sun spots and other signs of sun damage. They also most commonly occur in light-skinned people who have less melanin pigment that can protect the skin from sun exposure.

Apart from sun damage, a person may develop brown blemishes called melasma. Also referred to as the “mask of pregnancy”, this hyperpigmentation usually presents itself more commonly in pregnant women and patients with darker skin tone. Melasma can be aggravated by the effects of the sun and can often become darker or cover larger facial areas if not treated.

Our recommended prevention, treatment and maintainance approach is crucial to the management of these bothersome discolorations. Prevention with use of vitamin c serums in combination with sunblock is mandatory.

Our Treatment Options For Sun Spots

There are many over-the-counter skin creams that promise to eliminate sun spots, but many of them are typically ineffective. Rao Dermatology in Edmonton offers several different treatment options to minimize or eliminate sun spots including:

Laser Treatments
Our effective Halo laser treatment helps restore your skin’s youthful glow. Over time, sun damage and the body’s natural aging process can cause your skin to have sun spots, fine lines, and it can lose its natural, healthy glow.

Halo is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser, combining two lasers in one to take years of damage off of the face, and reveal your inner glow! The Halo laser is the most scientifically advanced treatment for sun damage, pigment, fine lines, texture, and pores, that doesn’t have the downtime of traditional ablative and fractional lasers.

You will see dramatic changes in overall tone, texture discoloration, skin reflectivity, lines, pore size, and glow.

Quick and convenient, microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment that works beautifully to reduce the impact of sun damage. A clinical exfoliation method, microdermabrasion uses a diamond-tipped wand to blow air-driven diamond crystals over your skin, which removes the top layer of sun damaged skin, exposing the smoother, live skin cells beneath. By cleansing, abrading, and exfoliating your skin, microdermabrasion triggers collagen production, minimizes enlarged pores, improves scarring, and evens out skin tone.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Widely known as the “Vampire Facelift,” PRP uses the healing power of your own blood. For PRP treatments, your blood is drawn and put in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and serum from the blood cells. Afterwards, the platelets are enriched with growth factors then injected into your skin to accelerate tissue repair and stimulate collagen production. Your own platelets provide exceptional healing properties to reverse sun damage, that will help give you glowing, radiant skin again.

Intense Pulse Light
You might think IPL is a strange way to treat for skin damage from sunlight, but Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments are perfect for reversing ultraviolet damage and aging. IPL is a non-ablative (doesn’t cause injury) procedure that uses infrared light to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate collagen production. Improving skin tone and texture from photodamage and vascular conditions (think rosacea), IPL is a great treatment for sun spots as well as red and brown spots as well as tiny veins.

Different filters treat different skin conditions, so IPL can be adjusted to suit your unique skin concerns.

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