Look Your Best With Our Natural Looking Lips Fillers

Lip Fillers EdmontonWhile we might prefer that people are drawn to our eyes, we smile and talk with our mouths, making our lips one of our face’s most noticeable features. Full, symmetrical, and defined lips exude youth and beauty in addition to making you feel more confident, more attractive, and more kissable.

If you’re lips need some plumping, lip fillers and augmentation offer natural, silky, perfectly shaped lips with little downtime. Whether you were born with thin lips, they’ve thinned with age, or smoking and sun damage have made them limp, we can provide you with a subtle, natural solution that will instantly make your lips more luscious.

At Rao Dermatology, we won’t overfill your lips giving you what’s known as a “trout pout,” rather we work with your lips’ natural shape and contours to add volume and definition that’s noticeable enough to enhance your appearance without making you look like Donatella Versace.

What to Expect
Minimally invasive, lip augmentation treatments (dermal fillers) take approximately 20-30 minutes. We use a topical or local anesthetic to reduce discomfort during the treatment, since fillers are injected into your lips using a fine needle. The results are instantaneous and last from three months to two years (depending on your skin and the filler – everyone is different so results vary).

However, there will be swelling, so the way it looks will change slightly once the swelling dissipates 24-48 hours later. Avoiding alcohol and exercise for a day or two will speed up your recovery.
To maintain your new look, you’ll need follow up treatments since the filler will eventually be absorbed by your body, returning your lips to their former state.

The number and location of injections (upper lip, lower lip, philtrum) depend upon your unique lips. Proportion, symmetry, volume, borders, contours, and shape all impact your treatment, meaning lip augmentation is an art form requiring a fine balance and an expert hand. For some, lip fillers aren’t enough. If your lips are full and youthful, but your mouth and face are surrounded by wrinkles, you may need complementary treatments to make the change more natural and subtle.

We use two premium dermal fillers for lip augmentation – Restylane® Kysse and Belotero Intense – but our team will determine which filler is best for you at your consultation which you can book using the form below.