Forever young – Abandoning the myth

It is hard to encounter a discourse that does not glorify an individual’s ability to be forever young. Culturally, families participate in Healthy Skin 2naturopathic practices to preserve youth. Economically, products are invented, manufactured, and restocked daily encouraging the preservation of childish skin. Social media too, is saturated with images and videos cultivating the “forever young” mantra. Clearly we are obsessed. But why shouldn’t we be?

Looking, feeling, and being young is a prominent value at Rao Dermatology and proper skin care is the primary vehicle to get you there. What is pivotal to understanding proper skin care however is that the best results derive from marathons, not sprints. Our skin care regimen is founded on our mandate of prevention, treatment, and maintenance. Our clients participate in ongoing treatments to optimize the preservation of their skin. We refer to this as skin fitness; you get out exactly what you put in. In other words, if you want to preserve your best youth, you must invest in your skin; be mindful of what products you are using and be proactive about making your appointments.

Rao Dermatology acts as the personal trainer for your skin fitness by offering a cost effective annual program (Stay Forever Young Program) that guides you to your youngest skin. These programs are customized to include procedures that cater to your skin type; we understand that while the goal is the same, every person is unique.  The Stay forever Young Program tackles and treats specific challenges, including but not limited to aging skin, wrinkles, brown and red spots, and Jowls, and neck lines. We actively assess what your problem areas are and intervene with specialized treatments in this program to accommodate your schedule and ambition.

Staying forever young is not a myth, especially not at Rao Dermatology. Instead, it is a reality that is unlocked by your commitment to skin fitness. We want you to believe in your youth enough to do something worthwhile to hold on to it or, in some instances, rediscover it. Youth is not defined solely by skin care, but it is a significant part of the equation. If you do the math and invest in yourself by joining our Stay Forever Younger Program you will not come up short. You will, however, be forever young.