Forever young – Abandoning the myth

It is hard to encounter a discourse that does not glorify an individual’s ability to be forever young. Culturally, families participate in Healthy Skin 2naturopathic practices to preserve youth. Economically, products are invented, manufactured, and restocked daily encouraging the preservation of childish skin. Social media too, is saturated with images and videos cultivating the “forever young” mantra. Clearly we are obsessed. But why shouldn’t we be?

Looking, feeling, and being young is a prominent value at Rao Dermatology and proper skin care is the primary vehicle to get you there. What is pivotal to understanding proper skin care however is that the best results derive from marathons, not sprints. Our skin care regimen is founded on our mandate of prevention, treatment, and maintenance. Our clients participate in ongoing treatments to optimize the preservation of their skin. We refer to this as skin fitness; you get out exactly what you put in. In other words, if you want to preserve your best youth, you must invest in your skin; be mindful of what products you are using and be proactive about making your appointments.

Rao Dermatology acts as the personal trainer for your skin fitness by offering a cost effective annual program (Stay Forever Young Program) that guides you to your youngest skin. These programs are customized to include procedures that cater to your skin type; we understand that while the goal is the same, every person is unique.  The Stay forever Young Program tackles and treats specific challenges, including but not limited to aging skin, wrinkles, brown and red spots, and Jowls, and neck lines. We actively assess what your problem areas are and intervene with specialized treatments in this program to accommodate your schedule and ambition.

Staying forever young is not a myth, especially not at Rao Dermatology. Instead, it is a reality that is unlocked by your commitment to skin fitness. We want you to believe in your youth enough to do something worthwhile to hold on to it or, in some instances, rediscover it. Youth is not defined solely by skin care, but it is a significant part of the equation. If you do the math and invest in yourself by joining our Stay Forever Younger Program you will not come up short. You will, however, be forever young.

Medical Facials Edmonton

So you wake up with a random cold, uncommon rash, or consistent chest pains; the solution is simple, right—you immediately book an Medical Facialsappointment to go see your doctor- that is common discourse. Well what about waking up with acne, aging skin, and a wrinkle-ridden face, would you still call a doctor? The truth is, you should call your dermatologist.

Medical Facials are becoming more and more common as the demand for advanced in-depth and professional facial treatments increase. It is unsurprising then, that clients are booking and rebooking their appointments to secure the best care for their face and skin. Using a technique that combines the most superlative SkinCeutical ingredients with advanced customized facial assessments, practitioners expose clients to a facial that stimulates and exfoliates the skin thereby improving and enhancing the feeling and appearance of acne, wrinkles, and pigmentation.  In addition to the medical benefits, these facials require very little downtime; yet, produce results worthy of the ranks of advanced treatment programs of the same nature. The biggest question you’ll probably ask yourself about medical facials is whether or not it is for you. The answer: there is no way it could not be for you. It is easy to sell yourself short by purchasing over-the-counter drugstore products that attest to unrealistic results. The most cost effective way to abandon that disappointment is to submit to a routine medical facial and secure optimal care that keeps your skin radiant, rejuvenated, and most importantly, healthy.

Edmonton’s Rao Dermatology facilitates medical facials at the highest caliber. We specialize in medical facials that are both reparative and preventative. Our practitioners are not only invested in client care and satisfaction, but we are also invested in being experts in this field. Consequently, periodic research and evaluation is of the utmost importance.

It should be apparent now that your face and skin demand the attention of flus and stomach pains. Your whole body is your temple, not some parts. Therefore, remedy it with a medical facial treatment that will boost your facial immune system and your confidence!

The Feminism of Dermatology

Distant are the days men sneak through the cracks of salon and spa establishments to confront their desires for professional self care. Men Skin Care for menhave become more open and honest about booking appointments to improve and nurture their outward appearance, and rightfully so. We at Rao Dermatology have recognized this exponential growth and have welcomed it affirmatively.

Our specialized treatments combat the concerns men have with droopy eyelids, excessive body hair, and the distribution of body fat (to name a few).  We offer minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatments, which have become notorious for subtle changes in the texture and radiance of the skin.

At Rao Dermatology we encourage our clients to confront their best selves. For men, that means (in part) coming to terms with the fact that the expectation women are frequently subjected to regarding outward appearance is now a bilateral one. This change is one we believe men should be excited about. Self-care is a nondiscriminatory holistic experience that should be ritualistically embraced. This is why we encourage our clients to try each of our treatments—to expose their skin to the highest caliber of dermatology that will transform both the inner and outer self.

So put the embarrassment and hiding away. Allow conversations to sound less like, “guys don’t do facials” and more like, “I‘ll catch you later for drinks after my skin rejuvenation treatment”.  Once the conversations begin to shift, so will the classification of what is normal and abnormal for men. We love that our services are inclusive so there is no need for the surreptitious phone calls or dark rooms. We promise it is more common than you think. When you book your next appointment, don’t be surprised if your best bud from work is in our waiting lounge preparing to have his pores cleansed while he fights you for the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated.



5 Common Skin Care Myths

Rao Dermatology offers some tips for keeping your skin healthy and young. Skin care is a topic that is filled with many myths. Some of these myths are perpetuated by companies who are only Edmonton Skin Care 2interested in getting you to buy their newest product. Others are old wives’ tales that have been repeated so long that people simply accept them as truth. Here is a look at five of the most common skin care myths that you should ignore.


Buy the Highest SPF Sunscreen

In general, a higher number means that you get more of something. Although this notion is technically true with sunscreen, the extra protection is essentially useless. The increased protection of any sunscreen above SPF 30 is negligible. It is also important to check that your sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection in order to prevent damage from every type of UV ray.


You Only Need Sunscreen on Sunny Days

Most people leave their sunscreen in the closet until the sunny summer months come around. However, your skin can be damaged by the sun all year long. You should even wear sunscreen during a cloudy day. Although you might not get a sunburn when it isn’t sunny, the damage from the sun will gradually age your skin over the years.


Scrub Your Face to Prevent Acne

Good hygiene is important for the prevention of acne. However, many people wash their face too roughly and too frequently. This kind of face washing will irritate your skin and actually make it more prone to developing blemishes. You should only wash your face a few times a day using cold water and clean hands. Avoid using any harsh soaps or scented moisturizers.


Sunblock is Not Enough

If you spend time enjoying the sun then we might recommend that you add Vitamin C Serums in addition to sunblock. At Rao Dermatology we have just what you need to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun while still getting your dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin C Serums act as an antioxidant which helps to repair and renew cells. For more information on these serums please feel free to contact Rao Dermatology in Edmonton at 780-437-7189. We are here to help you take the best possible care of your skin.


Pop a Pimple to Remove the Pus

In general, you should let a pimple run its course. Popping it can cause scarring and might spread the infection. However, if you feel that you must pop it, do not use your fingers. Drain it using a sterile lancet that is pointed away from the skin. You can also use a device known as a comedone extractor.

Taking good care of your skin isn’t as confusing as it can seem. If you avoid following bad advice, your skin will be healthy for years to come.