Dermal Fillers – The Real Deal

There is often a lot of negative stereotype surrounding the use of Dermal Fillers.  This overbearing noise however, derives from ignorance, a Dermal-Fillers-Edmontonlack of education, and research. At Rao Dermatology, we offer Dermal Filler treatments backed by ethical, scientific, and safe practice. Our fillers rejuvenate and enhance your facial appearance while simultaneously improving your dermatological health. We have advanced Dermal Fillers that we pair with luminary injectors to ensure you receive the natural soft lift and fullness you desire. To better understand how our dermatologists practice aesthetic dermatology with respect to dermal fillers, consider the following gems:


  1. Before administering any injections, the dermatologist must assess the client’s skin. Understanding how an individual’s skin ages is crucial to same. Your face does not age in a uniformed manner. Therefore, our team of skilled experts treat each aging part of your face differently. It is noteworthy that medical history checks are also carried out to confirm the patient is healthy enough to have dermal fillers.


  1. Technique should not be overlooked. There is more than one way to inject filler. The linear method is the most frequented method partially because it is less complex. Our staff at Rao Dermatology is quite diverse and may, where necessary, administer an injection with more complex techniques such as the fern method.


  1. Finally, there are different kinds of fillers. Always ask your doctor about the types, approval status, benefits, and risks of using specific Dermal Fillers. We currently offer a variety of facial fillers namely, Juvederm, Emervel, Revanesse, and Radiesse. All of our fillers have approved statuses and are guaranteed to keep you looking and feeling forever young.


If you would like to get started on your dermal filler treatment, contact us for a consultation immediately.