How To Get The ‘Natural Look’ With Cosmetic Injectables

Just as fashion trends change so do the trends in cosmetic skin treatments. It wasn’t very long ago that you would have seen a myriad of over-filled lips and cheeks gracing the covers of every major magazine at your local supermarket. Fortunately, this trend has given way to a softer, more natural, refreshed and rejuvenated look rather than artificial and unnatural.

The new trend in more natural-looking cosmetic skin treatments also matches Dr. Rao’s approach and his belief in moderation and maintaining proper facial proportions. The goal is still to look younger but in a way that is more appropriate for your age.

Throughout the aging process, bone and fat pads under the skin that act as a scaffolding, start to thin. This leaves the skin to sag like a deflated balloon and appears drawn, tired and wrinkled.

Every Face Ages In Different Ways.

Some notice their cheeks flattening in their 30’s while others keep that desired “apple” roundness well into their 70’s. This is why customized consultations and treatments are essential. The consultant and doctor need to pinpoint where to focus the rejuvenation that is right for each person

No face ages the same way. Some people notice their cheeks flattening in their 30’s while other lucky individuals keep that desired “apple” roundness well into their 70’s. This is why we always start with a consultation, so we can take note of your current appearance and come up with a tailored solution that will rejuvenate and refresh it by pinpointing the specific areas that need attention.

Age-related volume loss occurs in many areas of the face, cheeks, temples, tear troughs, lips and beneath the corners of the mouth. Dermal fillers are an ideal way to combat this loss and help give a natural-looking correction where needed in a balanced, even way.

Naturally Treating The SIgns Of Aging

One effective method that we use to maintain a natural appearance is to first, re-build that loss in facial volume using a thick filler such as Juvederm. Then, if needed, we can help plump up the areas closer to the surface with thinner fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane which will achieve softer, more refined results.

For the finer lines around the eyes and forehead, we can use appropriate amounts of neurotoxins such as Botox to help smooth out and relax the underlying facial muscles. Once again, these treatments are tailored according to the depth of the patient’s lines and the strength of their facial muscles in order to give a natural, youthful appearance.

For a natural cosmetic enhancement, it is vital to seek out an experienced physician with an aesthetic vision. This will bring out your best features and allow you to look and feel your best.

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