Oh Baby!! Skin Care Tips

It’s undeniable that almost no one can resist the urge to babble, make faces, ogle, and touch the cutie little dough-eyed faces of babies. In all the excitement Baby Skin Care Edmontonhowever, it’s easy to forget the delicacy of their skin. As little gems only on their face legs of life, their sensitivity is heightened.  Fortunately, implementing daily intentional and practiced skin care regimens for your baby can give you the well-needed confidence in your baby’s skin and help you defend against those tempted “touchers”. Try these tips below to enhance your child’s skincare.

 Less is more, don’t let the water overflow

There is nothing more soothing than that natural baby scent. And since it’s so soothing, you should be less inclined to wash it off. Part of preserving your baby’s skin is limiting their baths. For your child’s first month of life, you should limit his baths to three times per week. In the interim, use a little water and a delicate sponge or cloth to wipe key areas like his diaper area and face. Washing your baby more frequently than advised can result in the removal of his skin’s natural oils or it may spark skin conditions.  Lastly, a baby’s career consists of short days and long nights in a crib, eating, sleeping, and pooping—there probably isn’t much dirty to wash away anyhow.

 Avoid Fragrance!!

Although this tip should go unsaid, we’d rather say it: Avoid using fragranced products on your baby. It seems simple enough, but this tip extends to parents and people interacting with and holding your precious little one. As your baby develops, they slowly gain defense mechanisms against certain chemicals, ingredients, and substances. Because these early months are so imperative however, keeping fragrances away can prevent skin irritation. Aim to use products with natural and scent-free ingredients to avoid potential eczema, rash, or irritation.

 Couples Massage

Babies respond exceptionally well to touch, especially from their mother. Use a little baby oil and gently massage your little one’s skin. Not only does this sooth them, but it also helps to boost their immune system and relieves any tension from their skin. The cherry on top: It’s the perfect bonding exercise for you and your mini me.

Treat your baby to all of these tips and watch the beauty of baby skin care evolve.