Dermatology Surgeries

Dermatological surgeries are quickly becoming more and more popular as individuals vigorously seek the most healthy and effective ways Dermatology Surgeriesto improve the appearance of their skin.  At Rao Dermatology, we offer three minimally invasive surgical procedures that are either corrective or preventative in nature, to help our clients discover their best skin.  Most common to our practice is blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty (also referred to as eyelid surgery) is a remediable surgery for droopy, dull, and low-hanging eyelids, which develops when the skin loses its plasticity. The surgical procedure primarily includes the removal of excess skin around the eyes.
An individual’s eyes are predominantly responsible for evident signs of aging. The eyelids tend to become heavy and protrude over the lashes resulting in dull appearance. Eyelid surgery is a reliable and corrective method for restoring your look and is often most recommended for long-lasting effective results.



Our trained and highly skilled dermatologists’ first priority is your health and safety. We do not begin any surgical procedure without engaging in thorough health history checks.  Barring all pre-existing and foreseeable health risks we commence the surgery, which entails a series of small and accurate incisions.  The goal is to remove fat and tissue from under the skin and restructure the facial muscle.  Our practitioners use their discretion and expertise to determine how much fat and tissue to remove without compromising the function of your eyelids (or eyes).  Further, the recovery time is usually quite short for most patients.



One of the most rewarding benefits of eyelid surgery is the reduction of wrinkles. Your face looks and feels rejuvenated. For individuals whose vision is affected by the sagging skin, the surgery immediately improves this.  Your skin feels firmer and tighter and above all, your confidence resurfaces.

If you are considering blepharoplasty call our office and book a consultation today.