Our eyes tell more about us than what we say.

They often betray us, reflecting our true emotions and feelings.

Unfortunately, they can also betray our age.

There are 4 telltale signs of aging around the eyes. First is the droopy sagging brow that tends to make our eyes look smaller. Second are the wrinkles and thin skin known as crow’s feet.  Third are the bags under our eyes, which can be due to fat pockets or hollowing from collagen breakdown. Lastly, dark circles under our eyes give us that tired and overworked appearance.

How can we make your eyes express a more youthful image?

At Rao Dermatology, we have an arsenal of treatments to achieve eye rejuvenation.

Treatment Options:

  1. Neuromodulators – for wrinkles and crow’s feet
  2. Dermal fillers – potential way of filling in the hollow
  3. Thermi -for skin tightening and brow lift
  4. Eyelid surgery– to remove excess skin
  5. Laser treatments -for thinning skin and wrinkles
  6. Daily Advanced skin care