Jowls/Neck Lines

Bye bye double chin, hello perfect profile!

The sagging skin under your chin and jawline that screams “gobble gobble”?

Yes, the feared “turkey neck.”

Due to gravity and age , fat pads start to diminish, causing the skin to empty like a deflating balloon.

The skin sags and hangs down leaving that jowling look. Amazing technology has allowed for nonsurgical options to safely and successfully treat this condition.

ThermiTight is a skin tightening procedure,which has little or no downtime. A tiny probe is inserted under the skin to deliver a radiofrequency , which causes fatty tissue to melt and the skin to tighten. The results are truly outstanding.

Treatment Options:

  1. ThermiTight
  2. Dermal fillers
  3. Neuromodulators
  4. Laser Treatments
  5. Liposuction
  6. Daily Advanced skin care