Skin Care Trends for summer ’16


Fashion shouldn’t be your only trend shifting as summer approaches; skincare trends are equally important and exciting. Here are some Summer Skin Care Tipstrends we endorse for the upcoming season!


All-in with SPF

We cannot stress enough how important it is to protect your skin from sun damage. Whether you are using facial sunscreens, hand and body creams, makeup or moisturizer, ensure that your product has ingredients with SPF properties to keep you guarded from UV exposure.

Facial Cleansing brushes

Washcloths are still reliable resources for facial cleansing, but you can expand your hygienic pallet and include a face cleansing brush to your routine. Beyond their obvious massaging techniques, face-cleansing brushes remove makeup at faster and more effective rates than traditional methods. Further, they tackle pores in a manner that reduces bacterial build up and promote proper product absorption. When used consistently, facial cleansing brushes create healthier looking skin.

Natural Products

Going natural is one trend that might be here for the long hull and we think that’s a great thing. This summer, get acquainted with natural oils such as coconut oil and argon oil, among others for noticeable skin maintenance. Implement or replace your products with natural remedies. For example, add a little coconut oil to your facemask or use honey as a cleanser. You can also opt to purchase products that contain natural ingredients. If you are unsure about their benefits, consult your dermatologist.

Go Green- Anti-Pollution products

There is an increased concern for the way in which the movement of people and products are affecting the environment. You may not have a university degree in environmentalism or sit on panels with persuasive rhetoric for donating to fix the global disaster, but you can contribute to the alleviation of the environmental crisis. Purchase anti-pollution products. Pollutants can destroy the skin’s most protective layer and catalyze premature aging.  Check the labels to avoid making poor decisions for the earth and your skin.

Make these products your summer habit and watch your face work!