Our Philosophy

Why choose us?

Today people have so many options for their skin care needs, including spas as well as other clinics.

So why come to Rao Dermatology?

The answer is 3 fold:

  1. Skill set: Nobody can beat the extensive experience and training that is provided by our lead dermatologist, Dr. Rao. As a result, we can not only address your skin concerns but also deal with any complications that can arise from any interventions.
  2. Philosophy: We believe in the prevent, treat, maintain concept to achieve the best skin possible. We want to have lifelong relationship with our patients from their 20’s onward because inevitably skin ages. However, we can be do a lot to delay the aging effects or at least minimize it. By working with you, we can help make you look your best.
  3. Technology: We aim to always provide an assortment of up to date devices to achieve the most optimal results. With Dr. Rao being a world expert and speaker in the field of lasers and light technology, we can ensure that you are in capable hands.

We welcome you to view the video of Dr. Rao explaining in his own words the vision and philosophy of Rao Dermatology.