To Pop or not to Pop?

It is extremely difficult not to yield to the temptation of popping your pimple, especially when you have to be photographed or make an Acne Skin Careappearance in a short time frame.  You assume that the sooner you can deflate the attention grabber on your face, the sooner it will go away. The truth is, you should always aim to refrain from making any contact with it at all.


Pimples contain a lot of bacteria. Once you tamper with them and allow the puss to ooze out, it creates the potential for other pores to become contaminated. This will, in turn, create more pimples. Further, you can spread the germs from your fingers to other parts of your body, and unto someone else. One of the more troubling risks however, is the possibility of pushing bacteria further into your skin. As a result, the pimple may become further irritated, inflamed, or infected and it can lead to scarring.


If the reasons above are not persuasive enough for you to minimize your pimple popping, then at least ensure you proceed in the proper way. Specifically, dermatologists recommend using a sterilized needle to pierce the pimple in a parallel manner then rip the skin upward. This method is favoured because it minimizes further damage to the skin.


We recommend that you visit our office and have one of our dermatologists assess your skin. We offer myriad treatments that aim to combat acne. We recognize that each individual’s skin type varies, but we are confident our treatments will be satisfactory.  If you are finding it difficult to restrain from popping your pimples, give us a call and we will pop the problem with a dermatological solution.