Soothing Itchy Skin

Everyone loves a good moment of productivity, especially after a series of unwanted interruptions. Unfortunately, when you have itchy skin the interruptions never stop. Itchy skin has a broad itchy-skin-edmontonspectrum of causes.  In some instances, it can be attributed to bites, stings, or dry skin and in others, it can derive from a series of skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema. In the earlier stages of itching it is usually a challenge to pinpoint a definitive cause for the discomfort. For these moments, we have compiled a list of liquid remedies that aim to bring effective relief. However, in cases where itchy skin continues overtime, it is best to consult a dermatologist immediately as there is a risk that it can be serious.


Water is a universal remedy and this remains true when it comes to itchy skin. Cool water functions as a soothing relief for itchy irritable skin. If you are able to, simply run cool water on the respective part of your body for as long as necessary. If you are in a more confined space, at work example, rub your skin with an ice cube or use an icepack to minimize the discomfort.

Apple Cider Vinegar

While the smell might not be the most appealing, apple cider vinegar contains anti-itching, anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties that will assist in alleviating your itch. Add two to three cups of apple cider vinegar to your bath and soak in it for 20 to 30 minutes. Simply pat dry and moisturize. You may have to repeat this daily for a few days to completely rid yourself of the itch. Again, if you’re in a more confined environment simply dab a generous amount of apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball apply it to the affected area for 30 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. You can use a little bit of tape or a Band-Aid to secure the cotton ball to your skin.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a common resolution for itchy skin. Its citric and acetic acids contain anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties that contribute to itch relief.  Squeeze one to two lemons into a cup and apply it to the affected area using a cotton ball. When it dries (on its own) rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat this method a few times to ensure relief.


Are You Sporting Alligator skin?

Ladies, how many times have you had to pull your dress down just a little further to hide the ash? And men, aren’t you tired of having to pull your socks over your Dry Skin Edmontonknees to take the attention away from your scaly skin? We, at Rao Dermatology, do not want you to cover up, especially during the summer. Dry skin may be unattractive and irritable, but most importantly it is curable.

First, let’s tackle the most obvious method for controlling dry skin: moisturize. If you suffer from dry skin, you must be vigilant in reading and nitpicking your moisturizers. Look for lotions and moisturizers that are specifically for dry skin. Products that contain lipids are particularly beneficial as they help contain the moisture to your skin.

Another easy way to tackle dry skin is to avoid hot showers. Hot water strips your body of its natural oils and does not replace them. As a result, your skin is much dryer than it should be. Take warm or cool showers and use a body wash that replaces the natural oils that are removed and replenishes the skin. Also try to pat dry following your shower, to keep your skin a little damp.  Don’t forget to moisturize after your shower as well.

Equally important for combatting dry skin is hydration, both internally and externally. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated internally; this will support the water retention for your skin. Externally, soaking in a tub of tepid water for about 30 to 45 minutes will re-hydrate your skin.

Finally, oil treatments are beneficial to dry skin. Get familiar with the natural oils that make your skin glow in a healthy way. Packed with Omega -3, flax seed oil helps to improve your skin’s overall appearance. Incorporate natural oil treatments into your weekly regimen to see visible changes.

Dry skin can make you feel like an alligator, but if you incorporate these tips, we promise you won’t turn into one!



Should I be calling my Dermatologist?

To some people, skincare is a trivial matter.  There is very little concern for the products and methods that are used on the skin. In a lot of cases, so long as your Edmonton Dermatology skin isn’t on fire or isn’t severely irritable, you’re okay. While these instances are causes for concern, the need for a dermatologist span far beyond matters of severity.

At Rao Dermatology, we offer a myriad of services that are beneficial for your skin, but how do you know you need them? This article provides a list of instances when you should call or visit, or get a recommendation from your GP to see a dermatologist.

Stubborn Acne

One of the first signs of bad skin is stubborn acne. If you have been using over-the-counter products for a long period of time and your condition has not improved or has worsen, you must see a gynecologist. Although your Family Doctor can prescribe quick fixes for mild acne, Dermatologists can advise and administer treatments that are geared specifically towards your skin type.


Excessive exposure to the sun can have serious effects that creep up silently. If you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun or visiting tanning salons, a Dermatological check up should be a part of your yearly routine.  The skin is a sensitive organ, but it is also discrete. Dispositions occurring under the skin as a result of sunburn or overexposure to UV rays may not be immediately apparent.

Spots, unusual rashes, discolouration

If you observe a change in colour, consistently, or notice that your skin is more than one colour at a time, you need to see your dermatologist.  Random spots that appear and remain as well as old spots that seem to be changing are also matters to bring to a dermatologist’s attention.

Hair Growth

Sudden and rapid hair growth on your face and chest can be warning signs of a disposition in your skin. If this occurs, let your dermatologist know.


Sometimes certain products that you use on your skin can accelerate skin wrinkling and aging. If you notice an increasing amount of wrinkles over a short period of time on your skin, call your dermatologist.

This list is not exhaustive, but if anything about your skin is abnormal it is worth bringing to your Dermatologist’s attention.


Oh Baby!! Skin Care Tips

It’s undeniable that almost no one can resist the urge to babble, make faces, ogle, and touch the cutie little dough-eyed faces of babies. In all the excitement Baby Skin Care Edmontonhowever, it’s easy to forget the delicacy of their skin. As little gems only on their face legs of life, their sensitivity is heightened.  Fortunately, implementing daily intentional and practiced skin care regimens for your baby can give you the well-needed confidence in your baby’s skin and help you defend against those tempted “touchers”. Try these tips below to enhance your child’s skincare.

 Less is more, don’t let the water overflow

There is nothing more soothing than that natural baby scent. And since it’s so soothing, you should be less inclined to wash it off. Part of preserving your baby’s skin is limiting their baths. For your child’s first month of life, you should limit his baths to three times per week. In the interim, use a little water and a delicate sponge or cloth to wipe key areas like his diaper area and face. Washing your baby more frequently than advised can result in the removal of his skin’s natural oils or it may spark skin conditions.  Lastly, a baby’s career consists of short days and long nights in a crib, eating, sleeping, and pooping—there probably isn’t much dirty to wash away anyhow.

 Avoid Fragrance!!

Although this tip should go unsaid, we’d rather say it: Avoid using fragranced products on your baby. It seems simple enough, but this tip extends to parents and people interacting with and holding your precious little one. As your baby develops, they slowly gain defense mechanisms against certain chemicals, ingredients, and substances. Because these early months are so imperative however, keeping fragrances away can prevent skin irritation. Aim to use products with natural and scent-free ingredients to avoid potential eczema, rash, or irritation.

 Couples Massage

Babies respond exceptionally well to touch, especially from their mother. Use a little baby oil and gently massage your little one’s skin. Not only does this sooth them, but it also helps to boost their immune system and relieves any tension from their skin. The cherry on top: It’s the perfect bonding exercise for you and your mini me.

Treat your baby to all of these tips and watch the beauty of baby skin care evolve.

Restoring Dry and Dark Lips

Between talking, eating, and kissing, your lips are kind of a big deal. As such, it’s unsurprising how much wear and tear can ensue from overuse and exhaustion. Dry LipsFurther, consequences can range anywhere from excessive dryness to permanent discolouration. We know that your lips are often at the centre of attention, because let’s face it, every time you encounter someone and start a conversation, it’s show time for your biological microphone. Here are a few restorative tips for dry and dark lips.

Coffee consumption has become a ritualistic portion of beginning a new day and we know it might be difficult to loosen the grip on your mug handle, but we’re advising you so for good reason. Decreasing your coffee intake can significantly reduce darkness around your lips. Aim for a less stain-worthy alternative like herbal tea, and add a little milk to lighten the colour.

Keeping with the trend of liquid consumption, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drinking a minimum of 2 Liters of water per day can moisten your lips and decrease dryness. We recommend this especially if your day consists predominantly of public speaking. The more you talk, the dryer your lips become. Try taking sips of water at 5-minute intervals when speaking.

Avoid licking your lips. It is certainly a tempting habit most commonly practiced when there is a lack gloss or balm or as a mechanism for coping with nerves and social awkwardness. Instead, keep a lip balm close and when that’s not possible, reach for the closest bottle of water.

For a natural remedy that works overnight to restore your lips to its natural colour, apply a small amount of almond oil to your lips just before bed. The properties of natural almond oil helps to lighten your lips. Alternatively, you can apply some cucumber juice daily to decrease discolouration—it doesn’t hurt to drink some either, cucumber is loaded with anti-oxidants.

Don’t get too hung up on how your lips look right now, implementing these tips will have you talking and laughing again in no time!

Mosquito Skin care

Ahhh, that sweet smell of summer! It’s packed with the warmth of the beach, fresh fruit in the sweltering sun, and BUGS! That’s right, there’s no joy with a little Mosquito Skin Carepain, particularly in the form of mosquitoes. We know it’s natural to want to bare your skin to combat the heat and show off your summer body, but that often comes with the cost of reindeer red bite marks and they tend to clash with all your outfits. So how do you deal and protect your skin? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out our tips to defend against those pest little buggers.

Preventative Measures:

Be Mindful of the Scents You Wear

Mosquitoes are sniffers. Their attack methods are highly dependent on the scents they can decipher and detect. Particularly, they are drawn to chemicals that contain ammonia, lactic acid, carboxylic acid, octenol and carbon dioxide. Avoid wearing perfumes, sprays, or creams that contain any of the above-named ingredients.

Sweat Less, Cool More

Mosquitoes are most persuaded by carbon dioxide and the more you emit, the more attracted to you they become. This is why the more you sweat, the greater the attraction of mosquitoes towards you. Try to limit your physical activity around areas with mosquitoes. Experts suggest it is the high levels of physical activity that correlates with children being bitten more frequently by mosquitoes than adults.

Drain or Dispose of Excess water

Areas that have high levels of standing water are highly susceptible to mosquitoes. Be sure to drain any and all source of standing water around your home or in an environment that you intend to stick around for a little while.

Reactive Measures

Because mosquito repellent is highly chemical, we recommend using natural remedies to ease bites and itching.


We’ve talked about the benefits of honey in previous posts and by now you should be familiar with its benefits because there is no exception here. Put a small drop on mosquito bites for immediate relief. Honey has both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for your skin.


A soothing basil rub might be just the remedy you need. Try boiling two cups of water and add half an ounce of dried basil leaves. Allow the mixture to cool and using a soft washcloth dipped in the mixture, gently rub your skin. The basil contains chemicals that relieve itching.

Rao Dermatology suggests that you try these tips to keep your skin mosquito-free. And if you insist on using a repellent aim for an all-natural fix.

It’s Just a Little Skin care, MAN!

We’ve all heard these stories before: the struggle to find the right facial cleanser, celebrating the results of a recently acquired moisturizer, Men Skin Careand sitting on the floor of the skincare isle overwhelmed by products; they are stories told by women! However, as more and more men begin to practice proper skincare, they too are sharing similar stories.  Men, like women, need to make conscious and informed decisions about what goes in, out, and on the skin.  The hygienic chore of shaving further illustrates the urgency of effective skincare among men. Here are a few manly tips you can incorporate into your daily routine to revolutionize your morning and evening skin regimens.

Cleansing to Remove Blockage

Men tend to sweat and accrue a significant amount of oil build-up on a daily basis. To protect your pores from bacterial blockage, wash your face a few times a day with a facial soap and lukewarm water, especially after physical activity and before shaving.  This helps to keep your skin clear and creates a smooth gliding surface for your razor.

Embrace the Heat and Humidity

After any long day or sleepless night, your first instinct is, perhaps, to splash cold water on your face to give you that well needed awakening. Well, find another way to wake up! Splashing warm water on your face after a good wash opens up the pores, thereby facilitating a closer shave. Experts have recommended shaving in the shower to get the most out of the humidity.

Don’t fall for the Cheap, Cheap Bird

Always look at skincare as an investment; you’ll get out what you put in and then some more…or less. Purchase a razor that is comfortable for your skin, reduces residue, and requires very little pressure. This combination will decrease irritation and minimize acne potential.  Further, ensure your razor has an effective cleaning system. Using dirty razors can result in the spread of bacteria, acne, and red skin.


Finally, moisturize day and night. It is imperative to consistently hydrate your skin. Look for products that contain natural ingredients such as shea butter and vitamin E.  Your skin’s hydration will determine how smooth your shave will be.

These tips are not exhaustive, but they are a welcomed starting point. Be sure to consult your dermatologist when using any new products to alleviate any risk of potential irritation or medical disposition.

Skin Care Trends for summer ’16


Fashion shouldn’t be your only trend shifting as summer approaches; skincare trends are equally important and exciting. Here are some Summer Skin Care Tipstrends we endorse for the upcoming season!


All-in with SPF

We cannot stress enough how important it is to protect your skin from sun damage. Whether you are using facial sunscreens, hand and body creams, makeup or moisturizer, ensure that your product has ingredients with SPF properties to keep you guarded from UV exposure.

Facial Cleansing brushes

Washcloths are still reliable resources for facial cleansing, but you can expand your hygienic pallet and include a face cleansing brush to your routine. Beyond their obvious massaging techniques, face-cleansing brushes remove makeup at faster and more effective rates than traditional methods. Further, they tackle pores in a manner that reduces bacterial build up and promote proper product absorption. When used consistently, facial cleansing brushes create healthier looking skin.

Natural Products

Going natural is one trend that might be here for the long hull and we think that’s a great thing. This summer, get acquainted with natural oils such as coconut oil and argon oil, among others for noticeable skin maintenance. Implement or replace your products with natural remedies. For example, add a little coconut oil to your facemask or use honey as a cleanser. You can also opt to purchase products that contain natural ingredients. If you are unsure about their benefits, consult your dermatologist.

Go Green- Anti-Pollution products

There is an increased concern for the way in which the movement of people and products are affecting the environment. You may not have a university degree in environmentalism or sit on panels with persuasive rhetoric for donating to fix the global disaster, but you can contribute to the alleviation of the environmental crisis. Purchase anti-pollution products. Pollutants can destroy the skin’s most protective layer and catalyze premature aging.  Check the labels to avoid making poor decisions for the earth and your skin.

Make these products your summer habit and watch your face work!

What is alcohol really doing to your skin?

Are you itching to take a break from your daily work-filled routine and let loose? We’ve all had stories of the odd random wild or crazyAlcohol Effects on skin care night—we welcome that. However, if alcohol consumption has a frequent slot in your week’s endeavors you might want to rethink your decision after considering the impact it has on your skin.

Alcohol is a toxin, simply put. After enough bodily exposure, it is destined to onset a series of negative effects, most prominently harming the liver.  Scientifically classified a hepatotoxin, it functions as a blockage to cells that are responsible for detoxification. If the cells are inhibited from performing their natural purification process your skin suffers.  Overtime, your skin begins to appear dull and may resemble characteristics synonymous with an individual with liver disease.

Alcohol consumption also prompts dehydration. Vasopressin, a hormone that promotes water retention, is a necessary process for successful hydration. When you consume alcohol, it delays vasopressin production, which causes your kidneys to do twice as much work to remove excess water from your body. As a result, your organs experience thirst.  This internal dryness triggers wrinkles at a much faster rate than external dry skin.  Your skin may also begin to look pale due to the body’s lack of vitamin A (cell renewal).

Finally, alcohol contains congeners, which are produced during fermentation.  The greater the congeners in your beverage, the greater the hangover the next morning. Consequently, this positive correlation extends to your appearance. The more severe your hangovers the less appealing you look the following day.  If you have more and more hangovers, your skin’s radiance will fade and you will trigger early aging.

Don’t be discouraged, you can still have a little wine, but do all things in moderation. Have a little gin, but don’t jeopardize your skin.

Your Summer Skincare Must-Have: The Dynamic Duo

It’s only natural to want to bare it all for the summer; it’s hot and humid and no one enjoys the sticky feeling that is often accompanied by the most anticipated season of the year. At Rao Dermatology, we want you to bare it all, but with a little cover up.  Don’t leave your winter routines behind; instead, vary them. Skincare is a yearlong commitment; add these products to your summer routine to maintain healthy and refreshing looking skin.

  1. Phlorentin CF              Summer Skin Care

Many people are unaware how essential antioxidant serums are to the care  and development of healthy summer skin. Skinceuticals’ Phlorentin CF is our highly recommended daytime antioxidant serum that defends potential skin damage with its advance environmental protection. Further, it contains dermatologically tested and approved ingredients that diminish the appearance of discolouration. One of the main ingredients, L-ascorbic Acid, is a highly potent form of pure vitamin C that once absorbed, remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours.  Phlorentin CF always works as a moisturizer and is an ideal solution for oily, combination, and aging skin types. With a simple procedure—adding three or four drops to your face, neck, and chest— there’s no reason not to add this product to your summer regimen.

  1. Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF       

Our dermatologists recommend a reliable facial sunscreen to pair with the use of Phlorentin CF. Skinceuticals’ Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF is the perfect missing half.  It contains physical filters that provide a broad spectrum of UV protection and has translucent color spheres that enhance natural skin tone forming a radiant tint for most skin tones. We suggest applying Pyhsical Fusion UV Defense SPF 15 minutes prior to sun exposure and before any makeup application. One of the additional benefits of this sunscreen is its water resistant property. If you’re going for a swim Physical Fusion will last for up to 40 minutes; don’t forget to reapply after that timeframe.


These two Skinceuticals products will have you avoiding the shade all summer. Feel comfortable sunbathing or embracing all kinds of outdoor activities. Finally, stay hydrated and maintain healthy eating and exercising habits to yield the best results.