Your Summer Skincare Must-Have: The Dynamic Duo

It’s only natural to want to bare it all for the summer; it’s hot and humid and no one enjoys the sticky feeling that is often accompanied by the most anticipated season of the year. At Rao Dermatology, we want you to bare it all, but with a little cover up.  Don’t leave your winter routines behind; instead, vary them. Skincare is a yearlong commitment; add these products to your summer routine to maintain healthy and refreshing looking skin.

  1. Phlorentin CF              Summer Skin Care

Many people are unaware how essential antioxidant serums are to the care  and development of healthy summer skin. Skinceuticals’ Phlorentin CF is our highly recommended daytime antioxidant serum that defends potential skin damage with its advance environmental protection. Further, it contains dermatologically tested and approved ingredients that diminish the appearance of discolouration. One of the main ingredients, L-ascorbic Acid, is a highly potent form of pure vitamin C that once absorbed, remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours.  Phlorentin CF always works as a moisturizer and is an ideal solution for oily, combination, and aging skin types. With a simple procedure—adding three or four drops to your face, neck, and chest— there’s no reason not to add this product to your summer regimen.

  1. Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF       

Our dermatologists recommend a reliable facial sunscreen to pair with the use of Phlorentin CF. Skinceuticals’ Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF is the perfect missing half.  It contains physical filters that provide a broad spectrum of UV protection and has translucent color spheres that enhance natural skin tone forming a radiant tint for most skin tones. We suggest applying Pyhsical Fusion UV Defense SPF 15 minutes prior to sun exposure and before any makeup application. One of the additional benefits of this sunscreen is its water resistant property. If you’re going for a swim Physical Fusion will last for up to 40 minutes; don’t forget to reapply after that timeframe.


These two Skinceuticals products will have you avoiding the shade all summer. Feel comfortable sunbathing or embracing all kinds of outdoor activities. Finally, stay hydrated and maintain healthy eating and exercising habits to yield the best results.