Everyday Facial Practices You should toss from your Skin Care Routine

Practice becomes normal; consequently, it is unsurprising that you may have normalized some bad skin care habits that developed from Skin Care Tips 4imitation and imposition. Some of these practices may have become so innate that you are either unaware or desensitized to the harm they exude. Well, now its time to break bad habits and embrace a new normal.


Hot Showers

After a long day of work it is easy to be hypnotized by a hot shower. However, getting right in and allowing the hot water to beat down on your face is one habit that is sucking more life out of you.  Hot water strips your skin of its moisture leaving you with overwhelming dryness. If you have oily skin, this dryness promotes further oil production. Dermatologists recommend using lukewarm water to allow your skin to retain its natural oils and maintain a healthy balance of your skin’s properties.


Removing Makeup

The process of makeup removal is daunting, but the reality is, you should be just as invested in removing your makeup as you are in applying it. It is bad enough that individuals fall asleep or choose not to remove makeup at all. Simply washing your face is not the most effective way either. These practices usually result in clogged pores, breakouts/acne and the spreading of bacteria. Our dermatologists at Rao Dermatology suggest using makeup removal products such as wipes, cleansing oils, and cleaning water. These products are specifically designed to ensure that you clean your face properly. It is worth investing in a routine that will ultimately promote your best face.


Body Lotion

Convenience is surely the enabler of a lot of your bad habits. Body lotion is no exception. Applying body lotion to your face does not promote healthy facial care. They are designed with the body in mind, which tends to have much thicker skin than your face. Further body lotions are curated with a greater composition of fragrances and resilient ingredients. Your face demands gentleness. Aim to invest in facial moisturizers, especially ones made with natural ingredients.  Your skin is sensitive so treat it accordingly.


A little effort goes a long way. If you make a conscious effort to break your bad habits you might be surprised by the results.